Saturday, 24 October 2009

Elmo v Dirty Bertie

This blog is 100 days old and it began with a disucssion about what advice to give children. So after the 100 days I thought I would return to the varying advice for kids. In the blue corner is Elmo who is teaching American kids to wipe their nose on their sleeve - something that will have every UK parent going "eeeuuugh!!" at this moment. In the red corner is Dirty Bertie who advises children through a comic strip to use a tissue. Don't American kids have hankies or tissues? Is the UK the only civilised country in the world when it comes to personal hygiene for children? Or could the Americans actually be offering better advice? In England we have a popular Saturday evening show  and the first part always ends with a comical fight between two burning issues of the day (usually portrayed by dressed-up characters shown fighting it out). I think Elmo and Dirty Bertie should be lined up for such a fight to find out who is right! In the meantime, here's the link to Dirty Bertie's comic strip and below is Elmo's more hi-tech video: (post your comments below as to who should be the winner).

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