Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What are we going to tell the children?

There's been tons written on swine flu over the last few months but there's one topic few journalists have been brave enough to tackle: What do we tell the children? Do we tell them there's a potentially fatal disease heading this way and scare them to death? Or do we tell them nothing and hope they don't ask too many questions? I can find next to nothing on this on the web. Anyone want to volunteer some advice?

Some information has been issued aimed at children blowing their nose properly. This comes under the guise of the government's Dirty Bertie, a cartoon character who doesn't "catch it, bin it and kill it". Strangely, I found this hidden away on Cumbria County Council's website - you might expect a big button on their home page saying "Swine Flu" but there's nothing. Instead you have to search their site long and hard for Dirty Bertie. Part of the cartoon is pictured top left on this blog but I wonder how effective it really is. I've not seen any child or adult it "catch it, bin it and kill it" in the last few months despites millions of pounds being spent on the advertising campaign and everyone apparently scared stiff about swine flu.

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