Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It's all a conspiracy

Whatever happened to conspiracy theorist Jane Burgermeister? I wrote about her last August and her belief that swine flu was all a plot by President Obama and other world figures. In short, the vaccine (rather than the flu) would kill millions allowing the ruling elite to seize natural resources and all the homes left vacant by the dead (though what the elite would do with all these empty homes is unclear). Last August she had 6,000 followers on her Facebook page and although she's still going she now has only 5,000 followers. I was intrigued however to note that she apparently paid a flying visit to Scotland for a protest march against vaccination. According to The Scotsman only 80 people took part in the march. I was rather surprised that they chose Scotland for the march. If there's one country in the UK that's suffered more than most from swine flu (and therefore you would think would have the vaccination asap) it's Scotland. For the record, the number of people killed so far in the UK from swine flu: 300. Number killed by the vaccine: nil. But the media is no doubt part of this 'conspiracy' so visit Jane Burgermeister's website for the 'truth'.

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