Monday, 4 January 2010

So, where are we now?

The dust is settling on 2009 and it's time to look back on the Year of Swine Flu. Where are we now? Well there have been 300 deaths in the UK (Scotland 56, Northern Ireland 14, Wales 27, England 203). There were two main waves of swine flu in 2009 and a third wave early in 2010 can't be ruled out. Internationally there have been 11,516 deaths. It's not been the doom-laden pandemic that some prophesised back in early 2009 but that's little consolation to those who have lost loved ones. One's tempted to think that the press and public should be praising the health authorities for doing such a great job in minimising the effect of swine flu - but it doesn't work like that. Instead we'll just criticise them for getting into a panic about something that fizzled out!

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