Thursday, 13 August 2009

Jane Burgermeister

There have been some half-hearted attempts at swine flu conspiracies (it was spread by Al Quaeda, the manufacturers of face masks etc) but for the genuine article you need to Google Jane Burgermeister. She's a journalist who has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization, the UN and others for deliberately spreading swine flu in an attempt to commit mass genocide against the people of the United States. But it's not the swine flu she believes will kill everyone, it's the 'vaccine' being prepared to fight the swine flu.

Who's behind the conspiracy? President Obama, bankers David Rockefeller and George Soros and numerous other world figures.

Why would they want to kill much of the population of America (and the western world)? She claims to gain access to the natural resources of North America and reclaim the houses, property etc of the dead.

How is the plan being carried out? By deliberately spreading swine flu (a man-made virus, she claims, that was unleashed in Mexico during a trip there by President Obama). Then forcefully injecting everyone with the 'vaccine' that is in fact designed to kill them. The blame will then be put on swine flu being much stronger than first thought.

It's all nonsense of course but I would say that because, according to Jane Burgermeister, the media is also involved in this conspiracy. And if you think this can be quickly dismissed as bonkers, just bear in mind her Facebook group has more than 6,000 followers already.

  • You can read her complete lawsuit filed with the FBI online.
  • She has her blog online.
  • And her Facebook group.

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