Saturday, 1 August 2009

Thin on the ground

One member of staff has gone down with 'swine flu' - as much as anyone knows if they really have swine flu or not. Dr Google tells you that you have some of the symptoms and prescribes you Tamiflu but no one ever gets really tested for the virus. However, one member of staff off ill during this holiday period and post-redundancy era is already having a big effect on how the paper operates and even gets out. The public keep phoning in with news but there's simply not enough people to process them all properly. My in-tray is getting bigger but the public are going to just have to understand that we're in strange and difficult times.

I did manage to get to Keswick Theatre last night for Midsummer Night's Dream (excellent show by the way). It was nice to see so many young kids in the audience - well, not the teenage girls rustling plastic sweet bags all through the first half. But one poor lad (probably about seven years old) was coughing like a good un. A few weeks ago he would have been in quarantine with parents gravely muttering 'swine flu' to family and friends. But, hey, this is the summer holidays so he was out at the theatre. And I overheard his dad in the pouring rain after the show telling the taxi driver to take them back to the campsite. That's the Bulldog spirit we've been missing!

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