Saturday, 5 December 2009

Don't count your chickens just yet

I'm a little bit nervous at the number of people I meet (and press reports) that keep saying "the swine flu thing is over". I'm really not sure we can let our guard down just yet. I also heard today about a GP telling a friend of mine that "I ought to tell you to have the swine flu jab but actually I'd advise you against it". Now there may be very specific reasons why this elderly friend should not have the swine flu vaccination but the GP did say "many people are reporting side effects". This doesn't sound a good message for GPs to be putting out. Yes, people are reporting side effects. The chart above shows they are - just as those taking the placebo are reporting side effects. Let's keep our guard up chaps. Winter's only just started.

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    Did the swine flu get you?