Friday, 11 December 2009

Meet Auntie Doris

Week 50 and the latest figures show another 17 deaths in the UK (actually only in England - Scotland, NI and Wales not having any deaths in the last seven days). The general trend seems to be downward which bodes well for swine flu fizzling out. May I at this stage introduce my Auntie Doris (see picture) who is 100 years old and thankfully still as bright as a button. She has survived two world wars and the great flu pandemic of 1918 and much more besides. I popped down to the Midlands this week to see her so I asked if she had had her swine flu jab. She told me she had decided not to have the jab as she had heard "so many things about it". She did however say that the free computer classes mentioned by the social workers sounded of interest to her - and she was also considering learning sign language. Although her hearing is excellent at the moment, she's considering learning it in case her hearing goes "later in my life". A lesson for us all on keeping things in perspective!

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  1. re: Auntie Doris, have you interviewed her regarding her pan-century vision, etc? It reads to me like she is quite awake and with it.

    Alan, of