Friday, 25 September 2009

Global death toll tops 4,000

It's proving difficult for the UK media to decide if the second wave has actually started. So I'll demonstrate my leadership skills and say: It has. There's probably no scientific definition of when a second wave starts (except in hindsight) so most journalists seemed to be struggling with trying to get somone in authority to say it had definitely started. I don't know why they were so nervous - a quick look at any graph of swine flu activity in the UK would show what those same experts had happily said all along - there will be a second wave and it will start when the kids go back to school. Certainly any news journalist stating as matter of fact that the second wave was underway was not going to be challenged by anyone that mattered. So, with the second wave underway... This week's HPA figures show it's not as bad as we once feared. More kids are getting swine flu (or rather suspected swine flu) and are then getting better. People continue to be 'hospitalised' (God, I hate that word!) and very sadly a small number die. Three more have died in the last week bringing the UK total to 82. Globally death figures have risen by 12 per cent taking the toll to just over 4,000 (4,144). China has started vaccinations and it's likely UK vaccinations will begin any day now. Here's hoping for a quiet winter.

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