Friday, 4 September 2009

Er, excuse me. Should we be starting to panic?

Buried under the 'good news' today that the estimated number of swine flu deaths will be 'only' 20,000 is the latest death toll to date from swine flu in the UK. Seventy have died as of September 3, 2009.
But let me put that into some context: 105 have died throughout Europe - 70 of those in the UK. As someone living in the UK, I'm getting just a little worried. What is the UK doing wrong? Are we just correctly diagnosing more swine flu deaths than other European countries or are we so bad at controlling this epidemic that it's killing more Britons?

I did like this headline in The Scottish Sun: "Swine Flu To Affect Less Scots" (Note to the subs on The Scottish Sun: That's FEWER Scots!). Given Scotland has had seven deaths (Wales one death, Northern Ireland one death) I'd be interested in what statisticians think about Scotland being a safe place to live at the moment.

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