Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A message from Flublogia

As I write this news is breaking of a baby dying from swine flu in Northern Ireland. That will be very sad if true. Northern Ireland has only had one death so far (and a Northern Ireland soldier who died while visiting England). Children seem to be particularly susceptible to swine flu but parents should bear in mind that it is at the moment comparatively mild and deaths are very rare. The average age of swine flu deaths in the UK is 37, according to the Health Protection Agency.

I discovered yesterday that I and this blog belong to 'flublogia' - a wonderful new word used to describe the online swine flu community. I can't help but think there should, however, be a better name for the cyber flu world. How about Sneezeville or just Germ-any. Anyone else like to suggest a name?

Swine flu has returned to this part of the real world (Cumbria in the UK) with eight pupils at a Carlilse School being tested positive for the swine flu virus. The school is, however, not closing for business and reports that most pupils are recovering quite quickly. Aaah, a breath of common sense in the world of Flublogia.

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