Thursday, 10 September 2009

Right Royal example

The fear of swine flu epidemic is really kicking off - even if the actual epidemic is not yet quite into its stride. In the last few days we've had warnings about kissing people (even on their cheek), holding hands or even just shaking hands. It all sounds very worthy but I'm keen to hear from the scientific community as to just how valid these suggestions really are. If you don't kiss or shake someone's hand but then touch the door handle they touched a few moments before, aren't you just as likely to catch any viruses? And how long does the swine flu virus survive in the open air anyway? I think we should be told. But it does strike me as the wrong decision for the headmaster of Gordonstoun School to put the Queen off visiting just because a pupil had swine flu. The government advice at the moment is that children should still go to schools where swine flu has been reported so the Queen staying away is sending the opposite message. You can hardly blame parents now for saying "Well the Queen stayed away so I'm keeping my child away from swine flu infected schools."

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