Thursday, 24 September 2009

Theory consigned to World of the Damned

Any hope conspiracy theorists had of having their 'swine flu was man-made' idea taken seriously has just dropped off the edge of the planet. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's comic address to the UN included his suggestion that the pandemic was man-made - but that was just one of his many ridiculous assertions during his 90-minute ramble. The problem for the conspiracy theorists is that, as Charles Fort realised, of the many ways to censor information, laugher is about the most effective. If you have not ready Charles Fort's tome, The Book of The Damned (published 1919) then you must. At a time when sciene thought it knew it all, he tore our self-satisfied view of the world apart by listing falls of frogs, UFOs, vanishings and a myriad of other phenomena (he would have loved the red sandstorm currently over Australia) which science had chosen to ignore (ie had damned). And the best method of all was to get the media or scientific community to just laugh at the data. Clown Gaddafi would be the best person in the world to lead this procession of the damned.

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