Saturday, 21 November 2009

Actually, I do want to scare you

Actually, I say I don't wish to scare people but sometimes I think making swine flu a bit more scarier might encourage people to think more carefully about having the vaccination. Few people I speak to are basing their decision as to whether they have it or not on any carefully-reasoned basis; it's a purely emotional decision. Pregnant women instinctively feel they shouldn't have the jab even though all the science says they should. And having decided not to have the jab, they then allow the neighbours' kids into their home - a frighteningly stupid thing to do given how children are the ones spreading swine flu. And today there is news of Tamiflu-resistant swine flu being identified in Wales (remember when we thought Wales was proving immune to swine flu?!). Just to frighten you all a bit more, I've posted a graph above illustrating the leaps in death rates each week from swine flu in the UK. Still don't want the jab?

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