Monday, 23 November 2009

First report of a death after taking vaccine

It's a story just made for The Daily Mail: Patient dies after being given swine flu vaccine. Suitably scary and "I told you so" all at the same time. My first reaction is "Well, they would wouldn't they." I mean, unless the vaccine is also a cure for death then people are going to continue dying - it's a given. The Daily Mail article is suspiciously short but The Daily Telegraph reporter kindly goes on to explain that there may not be a link between the person dying and the vaccine. One is reminded of the Coventry girl who died having received the cervical cancer jab. Despite the initial scare stories it turned out the poor girl had a dreadful tumour and could have died at any moment. We're back in the numbers game. The Daily Telegraph reports that if "ten million people were vaccinated there would be six sudden deaths". Let's wait a bit before we hit the panic button.

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