Monday, 16 November 2009

North-west winning the fight

Although the national picture on swine flu is mixed, the north-west seems to be winning this round at least in the fight against the spread of swine flu.The number of people in North West hospitals in connection with swine flu has fallen again over the past week; there were 117 people in hospital with symptoms last Thursday (down from 124 last week), and of the current inpatients 49 have underlying health conditions (down from 64 last week); there are currently 27 people with swine flu symptoms in critical care (down from 29 last week).
Dr Ruth Hussey, North West Director for Public Health said, “This is welcome news. However I would still encourage people to stay on top of the virus and be aware of what to do should they become ill with swine flu this winter. Practising good respiratory and hand hygiene is vital to stop the spread of the virus. And if you are normally healthy and you think you could have swine flu, stay at home to avoid spreading the virus, call the NPFS for a diagnosis and get a flu friend to pick up your anti-viral medication.”

Hats off the staff of NHS Cumbria for their good work. Long may it continue.

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