Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Strange goings-on in the Ukraine

First, I've updated my swine flu deaths list with the Wigan mother who died shortly after giving birth (the baby's okay). It's another sad case and surely no pregnant woman is going to risk not having the vaccine after this and other high-profile deaths of pregnant women? But now to strange events in the Ukraine. Type 'swine flu Ukraine' into Google news and you'll see unfolding some extraordinary events. Nearly 70 people have died from swine flu according to the authorities (in the UK the total is 135 so I'm not sure why that's worried them so much) but they're closing schools, universities, banning public meetings and you can't buy a face mask for love nor money. People are apparently turning to old folklore remedies (it's the onions again!). Some Western commentators are bemoaning that the Ukraine is asking the world for help but not giving any deatils about why these 70 people died or any background information (Good grief! They should try getting information about UK deaths - it makes the Ukraine look like a role model in openness!). Here's a link to one article giving an overview but Google news will provide much more.

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