Saturday, 7 November 2009

How bonkers is this

The latest swine flu death in Scotland is of an adult from the Ayrshire and Arran area. Authorities are not releasing the gender "for reasons of confidentiality". Has this country gone completely bonkers. One can understand the family not wanting the name of the person released but is saying the person is male or female really going to cause them any grief. Are reporters, on hearing it's a man, going to knock on the door every every family who have recently had a man die in the hopes of an exclusive interview?! We can laugh at the Ukraine or other countries for not telling their public what's happening with swine flu but it pales into comparison with the culture of swine flu secrecy in the UK. I post up again (above) the comparison with what data we get now with what people were told during the Black Death! I suspect Scottish authorities are not releasing details because if it's found out that the person who died worked at a children's nursery there might be a certain amount of panic among parents. But judging by the death rate in Scotland from swine flu a little bit of panic might actually do some good in encouraging people to get vaccinated. Thirty years in journalism, and I've never come across anything as bonkers as this.

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