Saturday, 14 November 2009

The latest miracle cure: black elderberry

During my time writing this blog I have collected a variety of the 'miracle' cures for swine flu ranging from green tea, oinions and Welsh whisky. Now there's another one to tell you about: black elderberry. Unlike most other miracle cures, however, this one has an actual scientific study to back it up - and it's online so you can read it for yourself to make up your own mind. You'll find it online at Strangely it's got "confidential" stamped across the front page. The summary on the home page of the website says: "During an in-vitro study carried out in London by Retroscreen Virology in October 2009, black elderberry extract was found to be at least 68.37% effective against the H1N1 strain otherwise known as Swine Flu Pandemic strain." It doesn't say whether it's suppossedly effective at preventing you catching swine flu, getting rid of it once you have it or both. Us mere mortals need to know whether pouring black elderberry juice on swine flu cells in a test-tube equatest to a 'cure'. I'd like to think so but I've read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre so my cynical levels are off the scale at the moment. Maybe I'll stikc to Tamiflu. (Picture by OliBac - Creative Commons License)


  1. Not much of journalist if you can't find the several other studies completed this year on black elderberry and the flu, including a live human trial.

    Hint - several other studies were refenced and even linked at the site, including live trials...

    Also, try PubMed, great resource

  2. No there aren't. Swine flu recognised in March this year. The only study is the one I mention.

  3. There is a study done during a pandemic in Israel in mid 90's, for the normal flu, and 93% of those who took it were symptom free within 48 hours.

    Me personally.....I can confirm this stuff. I was getting real sick, doctor said I had upper respitory infection, and I was getting strep throat. I was expecting a miserable week or so. I took a teaspoon of this, and was feeling a bit better later in the day. Took another teaspoon and night and the next morning, felt fine. No sore throat, no nothing. I thought it was cured so didn't take any that night, next morning sore throat back. I took a teaspoon, gone. (after test, I found gotta do it consistent for like 3 days or it can come back) Now 2 days ago, I started getting real runny/stuffy nose. I took a day ago, later on in day was gone, and yesterday I took morning and all day was fine. I skipped last night, woke up this morning runny/stuffy nose. 4 hours after taking it, nose clear, feel great. It works FAST and I guess just like antibiotics, must take it consistent for a few days to make sure it kills whatever you got.

  4. O and also don't fall for any sites selling it outrageous, you can get it cheap at wholefoods or some health stores.